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Content for catalogues.... the challenge

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Specials.... Go the extra mile with e-Xact


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New Horizons...COINS acquire e-Xact...


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The Campaign for Structured Data


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Always on the go updating web content?


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Good Data - How does yours measure up?


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e-Xact Celebrates Its 10th Birthday and Joins the T-Zero Campaign

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Are You Well Connected?  Travis Perkins Use e-Xact To Keep Customers Informed
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Credit Crunch - What's the future for UK Construction....
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Getting the most from your subscription....
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Get In Synch For More Margin.........
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We Reveal The  Winners of The e-Xact Supplier of The Year Award 2007/8....
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Cast your vote and win a prize in the e-Xact Supplier of The Year Awards
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Spot The Difference.....The Importance of Accurate Coding
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And The Winners Are.....e-Xact Supplier of The Year Awards
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Howarth Takes Level 3 Usage to 2400+ Branches

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He's Grown.... So Have We


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Rich Content Doubles


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Gongs on Offer - Enter the e-Xact Supplier of The Year Award


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Saving The Planet : e-issues

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Making Life Easy For The User

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5 Years Old and Still Growing

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Unimer Members Coin It In With Online Cashback

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Suppliers - get your product information out to branches

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New Developments To End The Year

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Does e-Business Pay?

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Why and how does Travis Perkins use e-Xact data

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CBA Group sign up to e-Xact


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New Development From e-Xact